Porcelain & Ceramic Manufacture 


         Nowadays,our daily life imposes most of all for us to use  
variable concepts,unconventional ideas,and systems which 
are compatible  with our modern world,whitch is characterized  
through flexibility, speed and a constant change in our goals.
       What  preoccupies us most is that when it comes to porcelain 
ceramics and paintings, we can fulfill any one of your wishes, we 
can builditems which suit you,individual and flexible as your life style.
       The challenge that we face is innovation.  For Tapio, innovation means offering
results that go beyond yesterday's conventions,economical solution,ecological and
which delight us.We havegladly accepted this challenge and set out to create a new
dimension in decorations,esthetics and usefulness through objects which are made
exclusively manual and impregnated with our talent and creativity.
            We enjoy to create and invent for people like you.